jennaRolfHome“The beautifully crafted Spark isn’t a bowling ball heading for a strike. It’s like getting blown over by a feather.”
– Tony Trischka

Jenna and Rolf have been on tour every month sense releasing their 2015 “Spark” CD. So far in 2016, January had them in Kentucky for the Jazz Educators Conference, NYC for the Jazz Connect Conference, and performing 3 showcases and a house concert for the 2016 APAP Conference. February, they performed in Nashville, New Orleans, Houston, and Austin. In March they performed in CA: Paradise, Fresno and San Francisco. They filmed an episode for the cable TV show “Plugged In and Turned On in Paradise”. In April they went back into the studio for a second recording!

The Jenna Mammina/Rolf Sturm duo continues touring to support their debut recording “Spark” on the Water Street Music label. The recording is filled with familiar songs from the worlds of pop, folk, and jazz.

“Jenna could sing a page from the phone book and make it sound like her own private piece of the sky.” 

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