sturmYoungCDWRCU radio has submitted it’s top 10 New Releases for the NPR critics poll. The “Young” CD was listed at #5 for the year!!

“Sturm is one of those heaviest cats you’ve heard but never heard of, he’s appeared on such a diverse array of albums that it would be hard to have missed him but unless you’re a real guitar head, the name might be new to you, even at this stage of his career.  Here we find him doing his six string guitar thing solo on a set where he pays tribute to Youngs Neil and Victor (just because, ok?) showing how he’s such a master of the form that you better get to know him by name.  One of those super lovely solo albums that leaves a distinct footprint all it’s own, acoustic guitar fans have to raise him to the pantheon of the greats.  No wonder you dug all those albums he was lurking in the background on.  It might be a sweet, graceful album but that doesn’t diminish it’s heat quota one iota.  Hot stuff.”     –  Chris Spector – Midwest Record

There are some fun, subtle, music/lyric connections on the recording. Neil Young’s “One of These Days… I’m going to sit right down and write you a letter.” ends on the same note that the following Victor Young track, “Love Letters…straight from the heart”, begins with. Of course, with no lyrics being sung on this recording, this fact may get lost on those not in the know.
– Rolf Sturm