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What’s New…

“BEGIN TO DANCE” is here!

Jenna & Rolf have a new CD out now! It’s entitled “Begin To Dance”. We couldn’t be happier with the way it has turned out. I think that you’re going to really like the eclectic mix of songs; from jazz standards to older pop hits and even a couple of originals. Jenna sounds better […]

“YOUNG” #5 in WRCU’s NPR top 10 critics poll!

sturmYoungCD“One of those super lovely solo albums that leaves a distinct footprint all it’s own, acoustic guitar fans have to raise him to the pantheon of the greats.” []

Jenna Mammina and Rolf Sturm

jennamamminarolfsturm2“The beautifully crafted Spark isn’t a bowling ball heading for a strike. It’s like getting blown over by a feather.”
– Tony Trischka
Jenna and Rolf have been on tour every month sense releasing their 2015 []

Rolf Sturm Records with Heather Masse, Roswell Rudd, and Mark Helias

ruddMasseCDRolf played some duets with Heather Masse. Heather introduced Rolf to Roswell. Rolf and Roswell played duets in his up-state NY living room for a few years, sometimes graced with Heather (when she was []

Rolf Sturm’s Major Method For Guitar Theory and Improvisation

bookcover3“It will have you improvising before you can say Dorian Mode!!”
Visit the Major Method page for more information and purchasing options.