“Heiner Stuttgart Plotslich is without a doubt, one of today’s leading voices in the art of mythic, gothic, rhetoric.”
– New York Tymes


The Gods spoke… the clouds parted… and Kloomp’s “A Tale Of Trevor Nor” joined the ranks of the great mythic tales told through music (see Spinal Tap’s “Stonehenge”). Water Street Music proudly presents this spoken-word-heavy-metal odyssey.

This story has been divided into 7 dramatic tracks for digital downloading. Heiner insisted that the actual physical CD have 17 track IDs on it. There are no differences between the digital and the physical recordings…. just more ID numbers zip by on the physical CD.

Long live Trevor Nor!

“I have a band it is called KLOOMP!. What is this do you not know? It is a band. We started forming near Gera in the winter. We made music and suffered like our parents and their parents but not the parents of our parent’s parents.”

“This is music for ears not only the head of your. Someday people like me and you might understand this. Now we tell only a true story to you. Believe it and you shall die. All of us. This is no joke we shall all die someday so now we may listen with those ears. We listen and understand that it is Thursday (for example).”

Peace Aus,
H (S) P

  • heiner “stuttgart” plötzlich: text, vocals
  • soong-yeun kim: guitar
  • rolf sturm: guitar
  • garreg tol: bass
  • pjotr petrovich: drums
  • franco t’gnan: engines
  • felipe reyes: cover art assembly
  • heiner “stuttgart” plötzlich: illustrations

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